Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to explore Nangal Dam and make it a tourist place?

Nangal Dam is a small city situated in District Roopnagar, Punjab. Nangal is surrounded with Shivalik Hills and a very natural city. Its also known as city of nature.

Ofcourse, Nangal needs some promotions to explore among the world. To explore Nangal we can take many steps by which we can explore Nangal Dam to make it a famous tourist place:

1. Promote and make more spots around Bhakra Dam
2. Nangal Dam - its a main focus area of tourism
3. Should be more informative centers in Nangal
4. Promote religious places
5. Start events in Templates like Jalfa Mata Mandir
6. Surrounded areas like Baba Balak Nath Mandir

There are many thinks which need to revise to promote Nangal as a Tourism city like availability of Transportation. Its great if Punjab Govt. Get in Nangal and take some steps to promote it as a Tourist place.

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