Monday, October 13, 2008

Silverlight2.0 : releases on Monday

Get ready for Silverlight2.0 release on Monday

I got the news from one of my friend and want to share the same with you. MicroSoft decided to release Silverlight2.0 on Monday.

I have not more for its:
    1. Features
    2. Working
    3. New implementations
    4. Flexibility etc.

Only the idea is that its a great inventions in the new era.

For more information pelase visit :

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visual Studio 2010 : MicroSoft Next release

Visual Studio 2010 : MicroSoft Next release

In the world of languages MicroSoft will introduce its new release very soon. The .net version is 4.0 for this release.
There are lot of following lot of promises :
1. Improved Software testing tools
2. Database functions for application lifecycle management

For more detail please visit : Visual Studio 2010

Monday, October 6, 2008

Want to Shrink Images - Now its easy by Yahoo tool

Want to Shrink Images - its easy with Yahoo tool

Whenever I want to put some images on my website, I stucked with the size issues of images [this is the most known issue]. I thank to entire development team of Yahoo, who have introduced a new Web based tool smush it

To know more in detail please visit : Yahoo makes it easy!

Some of the feature(s):

  1. It shrinks the size.

  2. It contains the visibility.

  3. It converets format too.

and many more unbelievable features.