Friday, January 29, 2010

msdotnetheaven-Lets share knowledge

Msdotnetheaven is a community started by a Group of Techies

"We are one of you and want to explore Techi stuffs throughout the world. We started a journey and there are miles away to do the same and not possible without help of you guys."

I recoomend to join the community

Member of The Year Award from Dotnetspider

Hi guys!

In these days I am very much busy with other tasks so, have very little time to share views with you.

In between I got recognition from Microsoft technical Community

I selected as a Member of the Year Award

Today, I am very excited to get this news . Thanks to all of you because my readers are the judges who build me for this kind of rewards/awards.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Microsoft User Group Jaipur :

Today I searched for Microsoft User Group and found that there is a new User group of Jaipur launched by Meetu Choudhary who is the MVP.

Front page is saying “We intent helping and collaborating with all .Net engineers in Jaipur. Are you one of them? If you are, do register. Together we need to improve and bring Jaipur on the .Net map of the world. You might be a blogger, a forum addict, a .Net enthusiast, a Software enthusiast, a Technology enthusiast. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute. We will be having experts from the field presenting on different topics. Our forums will be moderated with .Net and Software experts to ensure you are answered promptly and with the correct solution. You can contribute to the forums by helping other fellow colleagues. You contribution will be recognized not only on this site, but also in the entire .Net circle. We require experts to help us in our endeavor.”

I found the group interesting and it has forums also. As per the look and feel I found the theme of this user group is just to enhance the skills of the techies.

I suggest to join the group because it beyond the limit so anybody from world can join the group at :

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gems of Nangal - a search of Gems

Here is a news I want to share with all you guys.
Nangal Community mynangal is looking for Gems.
Gems are the person from through out the world who have give their contribution to Explore Nangal around the world.

There are certain rules for the Gems.

I will be proud if I selected as one of the Gems of Nangal.