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Activities of CodeDigest - May'2009

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CodeDigest For the Month 5\2009

This Month Contest
Universal TV/VCR/DVD Remote Controller Watch with World Time
Contribution Required:4 articles or 6 code snippets
USB AA/AAA Battery Charger
Contribution Required:2 articles or 3 code snippets
Mini Pig 2 LEDs Flashlight White

Contribution Required:For Participation

New Articles Published
Edit,Update and Delete in GridView using DataKeys
Edit,Update and Delete in GridView using DataKeys,A datakey represents the primary key field or field of a record in a data-bound control. Many a times in our applications we use primary keys to get control of the particular record in the gridview. For this situation, many developers use invisible columns (Hidden columns) in the gridview to identify that row. We can achieve the same functionality using Datakeys.
Beginning Silverlight Development
Beginning Silverlight Development,Microsoft introduced Rich Internet Application with the introduction of Silverlight which is a very lightweight and a client-side application.
Better Practices on Building High Performance Web Pages
This article details out the better practices on how to get the most out of your web pages in terms of delivering, parsing and rendering the content on a web browser.
Optimizing Performance in WPF Applications
This article explains how to optimize your XAML markup to speed up your WPF applications.
How to perform WPF Data Binding using LINQ to XML
Most of the times, you may have to display XML data in your WPF applications. Traditionally, you might use XML plug-ins offered by ADO.NET. But, LINQ is the mantra now. Using LINQ to XML, it is much easier and fun to bind your WPF controls and perform data binding as a new fashion.
Using HyperLink Control in DataBound Controls
In this article, I will explain different ways of using hyperlink control in data bound controls like GridView,DataList and Repeater control.
How to skip SharePoint spell check for an input control
KwizCom's VP R&D Shai Petel makes complex SharePoint issues – simple. Here he explains how to skip SharePoint spell check for an input control.
Picasa Style Photo Album Using ListView Control in ASP.Net 3.5
ListView is a new databound control that is shipped with ASP.Net 3.5. Read my previous article - ListView Control in ASP.Net 3.5 which elaborates the usage of this new control. ListView control is one of the most flexible databound control that can be used to present the data in any custom format. Moving forward, in this article we will use this new control to create Google’s Picasa style photo album.
Building Collapsible Panel Control using jQuery in ASP.Net Page
It is a technique where we can provide expand/collapse feature to a section of page. Technically, it is nothing but providing expand/collapse feature to a DIV element. So, a page with lengthy content can make use of this feature to display only less content and show the full content on demand.
Single Button Click Custom Control
This article demonstrates a custom control for button which gets disabled after user clicks on it so that we can stop user to resubmit the same information again and again intentionally or unintentionally.
Here, when user clicks on submit button, its first checks the validation part. After passing it, the data gets posted & button gets disabled. After that the button gets enabled for new submission. Also the text written in the textbox gets changes dynamically.
Useful Tools for Web Developers
There are so many handy tools that we use in our day to day life to simplify our work. This article will list some of the useful tools that a webdeveloper should be aware.
Silverlight 2 Controls – Overview
In the present article we will learn something about the available Silverlight Controls.Silverlight Controls basically can be divided into: Layout Controls, Input Controls, Media Controls and Other Controls.
How to perform WPF Data Binding using LINQ to XML - Part 2
This article is a sequel to the previous artile that shows how to perform binding to inline XML data using XLINQ objects. In this part, we discuss how to bind to an XML file using XLINQ objects and details out a sample application.
Choosing the Right DataBound Control in ASP.Net
There are various databound controls available in ASP.Net to display data. For example: GridView, DataList, Repeater, ListView, etc. Whenever we get a requirement to display data, there is always a confusion to choose the right databound control that can satisfy our needs. This article will help you to understand all these controls and their advantage in a particular scenario which can help us to choose the right control that can fit our needs.

New Codes Published
WaterMark in ASP.Net TextBox using JavaScript
Encrypting/Decrypting Connection String in ASP.Net
Using RegisterClientScriptBlock() Methods of ClientScriptManager Class
Using RegisterStartupScript() Methods of ClientScriptManager Class
Using RegisterOnSubmitStatement() Method of of ClientScriptManager Class
Accessing Master Page Members from Content Pages in ASP.Net

New FAQs Published
What is jQuery? How to use it in ASP.Net Pages?
How to enable jQuery intellisense in Visual Studio 2008?
How to use jQuery intellisense in an external javascript file?
How to get image pieces in Silverlight2?
Can you elaborate how to start a silverlight application with Visual Studio?
How does Silverlight 2 differ from Adobe Flash?
What are virtual path providers?

Last Month Winners
Winner:balamurali balaji
1.5" LCD Rechargeable Digital USB Photo Frame Keychain (107-Picture Memory Storage)
Contribution Done:4 Articles Or 8 CodeSnippets
Winner:ph madala
Stylish Moonbeam Bedside Digital Clock
Contribution Done:3 Articles Or 6 CodeSnippets
Winner:balamurali balaji
LED keychain
Contribution Done:For Participation
Winner:Gaurav Arora
LED keychain
Contribution Done:For Participation

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