Saturday, April 18, 2009

Became The Webmaster from a Member

Today I want to share my words of Journey with DNS from a Member to a Webmaster.

My journey with DNS is started on 7/19/2008 5:11:57 PM. I have registered with a MicroSoft.Net community as a new member with profile Gaurav Arora 

As I was a very new in this community site I was not aware from rules/regulations also, “to err is human” so, its natural that I did mistakes. I am technical and know how to do Techie stuffs but not aware from the right way. In this period I have met many diamond members and other Sr. members who guided me "How to present stuffs in DNS?".

I met with Raghav he guided me lot of stuffs. As time passed away I got matured in DNS and Raghav found me suitable for Editorial work and he selected me as an Editor for DNS. This is the truning point of my life in DNS. Afterwards, Admins of DNS selected me Senior Editor.  

Now I became a Diamond member and a Webmaster of DNS

Its just start of my Jorney, Tony who found me suitable for my work so, he gave me another responsibility of his another site Silverlight Club as a Webmaster

I am still trying to do my more efforts to prove myself also still learning more stuff.

The journey is still continue... 


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