Sunday, December 14, 2008

Redirect to Error Page Using JavaScript

My readers enquired that how to rehuffle the yellow page on web.
The Yellow page appears when Web-Site got any runtime error.

I always suggested to supercede the Yellow-Page. Try the following code :

namespace AStepAhead.redirectErrorPage
public class redirectErrorPage
public redirectErrorPage()
String strDomainName = “”;
//Write you coding here
catch (Exception ex)
SystemFramework.ApplicationLog.WriteError(”Error : ” + ex.ToString());
//Redircet you main page to error page


Now, in error page, read ErrorString and show to the users.

Step(s): Followings are the steps to perform above:

1. Create an Error Page and named it as errorpage.aspx.
2. Read Error string at Page_load
3. Write above code in your Web Page.

After above, whenever any runtime exception occured, your user will see a maintained / designed error page.

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