Sunday, August 10, 2008

World’s costlier computer: Human Being

Teacher: Tell me the name of cheapest computer in the universe
KMG: Human Being
There is whispering in class, teacher also shocked.
Teacher: What are you saying? How?
KMG: I am right mam
There are noises in the class and teacher is in angry mood
Teacher [strictly]: You are wrong, sit down.
KMG: I can prove it mam
Teacher: I said, sit down. Otherwise you will punish.
KMG: No, mam let me prove:
-Humans have CPU: their brain
-Humans have vision: their eyes
-Humans also need resources: Glucose, air, water etc.
-Humans have voice: Can communicate in different languages
There is silence in class, teacher asked suddenly
Teacher: Ok, Ok but how it is cheap.
KMG: Humans have heart: No computer has heart
Heart pumps 24X7 and then its CPU work and functioning. It’s absolutely free.
Neuron system developed on the basis of human CPU
Teacher: Yes, yes
Suddenly, another student interfere
Pankaj: No, mam it’s not cheaper. It is costlier in compare to Computers
It creates noise
It creates pollution
It cuts greenery
It makes bombs
It creates partitions between regions
Today, brain is heavy on heart and nobody control it.
Mam, Human-being knew there is no life without Greenery, Air, Sun, Water, they knew piece is the best, then why they are playing with their lives.
Teacher: Pankaj, this is not our subject.
KMG: No, mam, its. Sorry, mam, I was wrong Pankaj is right. Is it possible to control human-being like Operator can control computers.
Teacher: silence
Pankaj: Mam, we are growing we need piece, greenery and want to be cheaper computer in the world
Teacher: Right
KMG: If you knew it then why don’t you teach others?
Teacher: Again silence
Pankaj: Are they big student mam?
Teacher: Don’t know who will teach them or how they will learn all these? But, till that day “World’s Costlier Computer is Human-Being”.

There are lots of questions in the mind of students, which can easily be ignored. But, what about you.

Think it again and again…..

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